Originally from Utica, New York, Keith was exposed to folk music in the catholic church as early as kindergarten. He taught himself guitar around third grade and played in the local church folk choir. In high school he was mentored by a guitar player at another parish where he was invited to play.

During college, Keith stepped away from music for several years. But, after moving to Fairbanks, Alaska for graduate school, he stepped back into leading the local church choir for a brief time.  Eventually Keith came out, and quickly realized that the church and its music were not representative of him or his beliefs. Although grateful for the musical outlet it had always provided him, Keith immediately ceased his involvement in search of who he was. 

After finishing a masters degree in physics, he passionately followed through on a childhood dream of becoming a long track speed skater. The 2002 Olympic Winter games had just built a brand new world class training facility in Salt Lake City, Utah and he moved there the following year. During seven years of full time training, Keith competed in two Olympic trials and achieved a 10th place finish at the 2007 National Championships in the 5000m.

After retiring from skating, Keith started passionately following through on another childhood dream of writing music and becoming a singer-songwriter. Keith's music is influenced by many artists; Most notably John Denver, Dave Matthews, and the Indigo Girls.